Freitags Fotografen Feature – FFF #13

Heute geht es beim freitäglichen Feature in den hohen Norden, um genauer zu sein nach Schweden. Viel Spaß.

Real Name? My name is Per-Erik Nilsson. I was born in Sweden but my father worked for a Swedish multi-national and I also grew up in Caracas, Venezuela and Scranton, Pennsylvania in the USA.

How did you get into photography? I have always been found of images and after having taken a Master of Science degree in Business and Economics I speant a year and a half taking various courses of art history. I very much love various historical periods of art, but if I had to pick one source of inspiration, I mean as far as my photographic style is concerned, it is the Baroque period.

Halfway through last decade I got tired of pursueing a corporate career and amongst other things I began translating and writing. After a while I started to incorporate photography into what I was doing. I doubt I will ever be remebered as one of the great photographers of my time, but let me tell you, there cannot be many that love walking around with a camera more than I do.

What do you do when you are note photographing/retouching? Today I am self employed photographer, writer and marketing and sales developer (preferably culture events productions). I also teach small courses here and there in various, highly unrelated subjects such as sales training, photoshop and Spanish.

Do you have any photographic role models? My greatest source of inspiration are just about anyone of the larger than life photographers that shot for renowned magazines and newspapers, or equally larger than life agencies. You know who I mean, I mean golden age of news photography shooters like William Eggleston, Lee Friedlander, Bruce Davidson and many many many more including, of course, Henri Cartier Bresson.

What is your favorite camera? To me the perfect camera is isn’t heavy but still packs a heavy punch. I would love to have a Leica M9, and I will probably buy one soon. In the meantime I carry a lightweight Canon, the 450D, and try to stay away from anything but a fast prime lens.

film/digital/both? I like the idea behind and the magical air that film always evokes. Still, I am simply not trained nor knowledgable enough in all the esoteric aspects that it implies and I guess I will stick digital photography as long as I live. Or will I? I recently ound a box of truly beautiful medium sized full frame photographs that my step grandfather took in the 50’s and 60’s, and I felt an urge to shoot with his gear…

Besucht doch auch mal Per-Eriks Seite.

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