Heute geht’s noch viel weiter in den Osten als letzte Woche, und zwar nach Taiwan! Der Fotograf den ich euch heute hier vorstellen möchte beschäftigt sich mit einem Gebiet der Fotografie die ich ebenfalls sehr faszinierend finde, der Streetfotografie. Sein Name ist Brian Quentin Webb.

When and how did you get into photography?

I first got in to photography when I got my hands on a Pentax K1000 when I was about 14. Shortly thereafter, my stepmother let me borrow her Minolta X-370…it was never returned. After my parents divorced, my mom would take my younger sister and I to the Venice Beach boardwalk on the weekends to „People Watch“ as a means of inexpensive entertainment, which what got me in to street photography, specifically.

Who is your photographic role model?

I love the work of Mary Ellen Mark, especially her Indian Circus and Americana series. Even though it’s not pure street (it’s more like street portraiture) but her images are very culturally revealing.

What do you do when you are note photographing/retouching?

I’m an elementary school teacher.

What is your favorite camera?

Film: Voigtlander Bess a R2a or my Holga 120 WPC
Digital: Olympus digital Pen E-P2

Which is your favorite film?

B&W: Tri-X in 35mm, HP5+ in 120 or sheets
Color: Fuji NPH

Retouching images yes/no?

With street photography I do very little post-processing outside of converting to B&W if appropriate and the required contrast adjustments thereafter. If I’m shooting portraits I Photoshop as much as necessary since there isn’t an expectation of reality there.

Und mehr Bilder von ihm findet ihr auch auf seinem deviantArt Account.